Thursday, June 27, 2019

Stephen Shore Stereos - a 3D Project - inspired by Stephen Shore

A retrospective exhibition of Stephen Shores
work was held at MoMA:
Stephen Shore MoMA Exhibition

A recent acquisition, gifted by Stephen Shore to MoMA:
MoMA acquisition
The image can be viewed cross eyed, with a bit of a stretch.

In conjunction with the exhibition a boxed set
of a 3D viewer and a series of 5 reels was released
in a signed limited edition of 400 sets.
The sets now 'Sold out' were issued through both MoMA
and Aperture. I acquired mine 271/400 from Aperture.

When I visited Aperture in New York set 314/400
was on display.

A photo of the author with 271/400.
I have a collection of stereo views, stereo reels and viewers.
3D viewing allows the viewer to step into and explore the view.
For our journey to Canada and New York I designed a simple
3D apparatus. A flash grip was altered to allow my Nikon D90
camera to slide the full width of the grip.
The slide is 3.5 inches equivalent to the distance between the eyes.
This is the basic premise of 3D photography. Humans perceive depth
through this distance of separation.
One photograph is taken with the camera to the right of the slide.
Another is taken with the camera slid to the left of the slide,
against the grip handle.
The camera must be focussed on the same point and aligned as close
as possible with a horizontal and a vertical point selected in the frame.
My images were all taken hand held.

Images will be posted as they are edited.
The images are for cross eyed viewing.
Focus on the centre line crossing your eyes to view.
For starters:
'The Can' - Chelsea Quebec Province - Canada May/June 2019  ©billpurvis
I visited Immersion Quebec for a VR experience.
Immersion VR - The history of Quebec City.
History comes to life with the visual reenactment of events
retold in a 360 degree visual and aural surround.
The front window display invited me to create a 3D
memory of my visit.

More 'From the Yard'

Flat Iron Art installation Flat Iron Building New York

Flat Iron Bldg

Huey & Pils House Chelsea Quebec

Rock Face - rear of house on hillside

Chemin du Lac Meech Chelsea Quebec:
Layers of leaves & signs

and on return home to Adelaide South Australia
my son on his Honda XR600 he is rebuilding.

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