Sunday, June 24, 2012


An exciting game played at Seacliff on Saturday between Adelaide and Seacliff.
Seacliff had the early advantage and went in at half time leading 3 - 1.
Adelaide replied with a skilful team game to lead in the second half but Seacliff levelled at 6 - 6.
I focused on my managers role and put away the camera but I have posted some early photographs.
Ruben Wyld scored 3 goals.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

METRO 2 Mens Hockey Adelaide 2 North East 5

My son Dan and his mate Paul who haven't played together since Marryatville High School days answered a late call to arms to ensure the Adelaide team made the field, if only with 10 players.
Dan hasnt played this year,  when he last played it was as a goalie, Paul hasnt played for some years.
The game was played at North East.
The Adelaide goals were scored by Ryan Douch, and Ben MacPhail.
The photos are a little grainy with blur.
I shot at 1/160-1/200 ASA1600 f5.6.
I missed some action when I was too absorbed watching it.
The action covers 70 minutes and then there are the hours editing.
My images record the story of one game.