Thursday, April 28, 2016

Premier League Men's Hockey, Premier League Women's Hockey and Metro Hockey postings.

Photographs of 
Premier League Men's Hockey, 
Premier League Women's Hockey and 
Metro Hockey postings. ©billpurvis 2016

The 2016 hockey season is well underway here in Adelaide, South Australia.
Games played and photographed by me through this season can be found on
the Adelaide Hockey Club (AHC) Facebook page:
AHC Hockey Photographs ©billpurvis
and also on my personal Face Book page:

Bill Purvis

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Still Motion Photobooks - 'The Walk Home', and 'Central Capuccino', 'Wonder' installation - Sculpture - Scenic World.

 Still motion photobooks.

 I have been using sequences of still photographs to produce animations.
They are essentially 'movies' produced from single frames and not 18-24fps.
Are they any less movies?
The sequence of stills creates a narrative in the style of
the photobook, in essence a digital photobook.

Click on an image to enlarge the replay.

'The Walk Home' - Wentworth Falls
'Central Capuccino' - Sydney NSW

'Wonder' - Sculpture installation - Artist Louis Pratt
Train - Wentworth Falls Station - Blue Mountains  - NSW
The lady with the capuccino - Central Station - Sydney - NSW