Thursday, January 29, 2015

ART in Adelaide - Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures Jan 21 - February 1 2015

©text&images billpurvis

The works exhibited this year were excellent and
enjoyed by many. It was great to see the sale tags
on so many works.
This is only a small selection of those displayed along the
esplanade others were on display elsewhere in the adjacent
park and Brighton SLSC.

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Winner of the $1500 emerging artist Prize.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Some more fun with animated GIFs, cinemagraph.

©text&images billpurvis

Please allow time for the frames to load when opening and the animations will run at 0.2 seconds per frame.
Please click on each animation to view separately.

Sea grass ball
Information about how these balls are formed can be found here:

fibre ball

Leo rolling in the seaweed
I am re-editing this one to align the frames.....will post revised version later.

and the re-edited re-aligned version.
You gotta love Photoshop.
I will do some more work on this one.

Natures cure

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Our mate 'Potty', the Honey Eater, resurrected, cinemagraph.

A Honey Eater chanced to make his home in our backyard.
He was a very lively little fellow.
We have a shiny black ceramic pot in the garden upon which
he happened to see a reflection of himself.
It was an instant attraction and he gazed upon it often.
He cavorted and preened and carried on even offering morsels to it.
He did not tire of its attraction.
He and a mate nested in an adjacent tree. Many Honey Eaters availed
themselves of the offerings in our garden.
One day Glenda found Potty, as we had nicknamed him, in peaceful repose.
I had taken many photographs of him.
He is the banner on my facebook page.
I have been able to construct this 24 frame tribute to our dear friend Potty.
You provided us with much joy.

and a slower version:
You can click on one to play separately.

Potty's brood peering from a nest in the Camellia tree.

The story of Potty from life to death.

Potty as found in peaceful repose.