Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cinemagraph - Animation - Stil'm - 1. Cable Car Wellington - 2. LightCage Cuba St - 3. Waves - Plimmerton 4. Cat - for Banksy - Mana 5. Waves _ NZ ©billpurvis

Cinemagraph - Animation - Stil'm - Cable Car Wellington - ©billpurvis

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For my Grandsons, Oscar, Jakob and Kane.

Cinemagraph - Animation - Stil'm - 2. LightCage Cuba St

Cinemagraph - Animation - Stil'm - 3. Waves - Plimmerton

This is a sequence of 14 still frames taken hand held and aligned in Photoshop to
produce this animated sequence running at 0.02 seconds per frame continuous cycle. ©billpurvis

Cinemagraph - Animation - Stil'm - 4. Cat - for Banksy - Mana - North Island NZ

Cinemagraph - Animation - Stil'm - 5. Waves and shag on a rock

Cinemagraph - Animation - 'Cosmic' - Cuba Street - Wellington - NZ - Still Movies - Stil'm - ©billpurvis 2015

Cosmic - Cuba Street - Wellington - NZ ©billpurvis 2015

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

PREMIER LEAGUE MEN'S HOCKEY Adelaide Hockey Club 3 v Port Adelaide District Hockey Club 2

The game was played at Adelaide's (AHC)  home ground 'Pea Park',
at 4pm on Saturday 4 July 2015.
Adelaide's goals were scored by Hugh Purvis (Captain) off
a penalty stroke and Nick Lee and Will Tregenza from field goals.
Dylan Edge (AHC) in my opinion played his best game of the season with
some blinding moves past opposition players.
The match conclusion was held in suspense with the playing out of
a short corner penalty awarded to Port Adelaide (PADHC).
AHC held out to win an enjoyable game of hockey.

Nick Lee jubilant after scoring AHC's second goal

Spare a thought!

Will Tregenza all smiles after his first? PL Men's goal

A hard fought win