Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wet Wednesday - Premier League Men's Hockey - AHC 2 SEAC 1

Wednesday 25 May 2016 

Premier League Men's Hockey

Round 10
Seacliff leading the ladder unbeaten met Adelaide on a wet Wednesday evening at Adelaide University ground West Beach.
Adelaide scored the first goal and retained the lead into the second half when Seacliff scored the equaliser.
With minutes to go it appeared a shootout may be required to decide the game.
A penalty stroke awarded to Adelaide and the subsequent goal scored by Huey Purvis (capt) decided the game.
My editing of the frames did not pick up the barely visible, but now cropped out, ball placement in the bottom right corner of the net but shows the rebound out from the net.
A great team effort from all the players against a competitive opposition in the rain. 

More photos will be posted later. ©billpurvis

Penalty stroke awarded - goal scored

A running pass
Shaun Dawson - skill

Monday, May 23, 2016

Gif animation - AHCvGRRY PLM Hockey - a shot on goal

Pea Park - The home of Adelaide Hockey Club
On a wet Sunday afternoon.My glasses and viewfinder splattered with rain,
the camera searching to focus in the low visibility and flattened view.
The rain does that, distance becomes indiscernible, a fog.
I focus manually hardly successful, try for the impossible.
What can one make out of a burnt cake...(thought bubble) - cut off the outer layers.
Yes.... a GIF!

Adelaide Premier League Men playing Grange Royals, struggling to find an equaliser and take it
to a shootout, the score 1 - 2.
A shot on goal from Victorian import James Humphries.

Excuse the artistic licence.
I think I have been reading too much of the Robert Cappa D Day and resultant
aftermath drama.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stormy weather - Adelaide - South Australia - Monday 9 May 2016

Photographs taken at Semaphore Beach
The tide had not yet reached its peak which came some hours later.
The combination of a king tide driven by gale force winds
caused flooding in beach areas around the state, the perfect storm.

Crested Turns

Scenic Semaphore

Leo finds a Puffer Fish

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Blue Mountains - Scenic World - Katoomba - Wentworth Falls - Central Station Sydney - Redfern - Thirroul - New South wales

A collection of views taken on a recent visit to Sydney.

Autumn - Wentworth Falls

Shopfront - Wentworth Falls

Collected views
I had a home once
AirBnB - Wentworth Falls

Terraced garden with fresh vegies.

Scenic World - Katoomba - Sculpture Exhibition - Valley Floor Walk
To ward off the Drop Bears

Miners Hut

Drop Bear Training Camp

Via vertical chair lift
Not beyond the Yellow Line

Station Views

Central Station - Lady with coffee

Redfern - Sydney

on line from Wentworth Falls to Sydney

Thirroul - south of Sydney - on route to Wollongong

an advert - not your usual coke
Animations created from views of this trip can be viewed on my previous blog here:
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