Monday, May 23, 2016

Gif animation - AHCvGRRY PLM Hockey - a shot on goal

Pea Park - The home of Adelaide Hockey Club
On a wet Sunday afternoon.My glasses and viewfinder splattered with rain,
the camera searching to focus in the low visibility and flattened view.
The rain does that, distance becomes indiscernible, a fog.
I focus manually hardly successful, try for the impossible.
What can one make out of a burnt cake...(thought bubble) - cut off the outer layers.
Yes.... a GIF!

Adelaide Premier League Men playing Grange Royals, struggling to find an equaliser and take it
to a shootout, the score 1 - 2.
A shot on goal from Victorian import James Humphries.

Excuse the artistic licence.
I think I have been reading too much of the Robert Cappa D Day and resultant
aftermath drama.

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