Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Tree Of Memories - In Memory of Josephine Mastus

The Tree Of Memories - In Memory of Josephine Mastus

Josephine Yvonne Mastus (nee Purvis) would have been 71
on her birthday, 2 November 2014.
Her ashes were interred on this day in celebration of her life.
Family, friends and relatives gathered in Stansbury on Yorke Peninsula
for lunch at the Dalrymple Hotel.
Jo loved a naughty joke and her sister Mary and I made a few irreverent
comments anticipating Jo's enjoining laughter.
Lunch over a slow motorcade proceeded to Stansbury Cemetery.
Ian and Christina McQueen, of McQueen Funeral Services, are family and friends
providing, on many occasions now,  caring and professional service to their family
and the community.
Ian conducted a memorial garden service to inter a portion of Jo's ashes with a plaque in commemoration of her life.
The motorcade departed the cemetery along Klein Point Road, entered through a gate and
proceeded across dry dusty stubble paddocks on corrugated limestone tracks.
The destination of special significance to Jo and her cousin Robert Anderson was
a tree on Robert and Lynne Anderson's farm, Glen Lossie.
The gnarly old tree has survived on thin topsoil overlaying porous limestone.
The indomitable nature and character of its form was a natural magnet for the adventurous youth.
And so it was that Robert and Jo ventured to this tree to explore life's curiosities.
And now the tree is the 'Tree of Memories'.
Robert had prepared this special place for Jo not to inter her but to set her spirit free.
The hospitality of Robert and Lynne continued on return to Glen Lossie farm house
for refreshments and conversation with family and friends.

Friday, October 10, 2014

AHL Day 5 - SA Hotshots 2 v NSW Waratahs 7 - played Friday 10 October 2014

AHL Day 5 - SA Hotshots 2 v NSW Waratahs 7 - played Friday 10 October 2014
All games of the AHL are being played in Adelaide, South Australia at the
State Hockey Centre at Pooraka over the week of 4 - 11 October 2014.
A day when the scoreboard showed the temperature was over 35C and it felt like it.
The heat was on on the field too. NSW scored early, SA responded quickly but
from then on NSW blazed away.
The second goal for the Hotshots came after Matt Claxton was felled by a ball to
the knee and promptly responded by scoring a goal off a short corner penalty.
NSW scored off a penalty stroke, field goals and short corners.
There were rounds of aerial ping pong to add some flair.
Both teams played out the game enduring the heat which seemed to be felt more
by those on the sideline.
Adelaide has turned on brilliant weather for most of the tournament today being
the exception.