Wednesday, June 13, 2012

PREMIER LEAGUE MENS HOCKEY Adelaide 5 Adelaide University 3 played Tuesday 12 June 2012

Adelaide played precision hockey in the first half to lead 4 - 0.
Adelaide University came out in the second half in an attacking mood and scored 3 goals to
Adelaide 1.
Previous night games I have shot at 1/500 shutter speed to freeze the action but at ASA 1600/3200 the shots are grainy and lack saturation. I shot this game at 1/125 -1/160 shutter speed which gave greater saturation but more blur. Some shots were unusable.  A single point of focus in the photograph helps to anchor the image.  It may be a shoe, stick, face,  sponsor advertising or club logo on a shirt.
Anyway something different.
Adelaide players were slick and professional in the first half. Two games played within 4 days revealed some tiredness in the second half but they fought out to win.

A 'Short Corner' being played. The ball is a blur to the left.

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