Saturday, June 9, 2012


An entertaining game of hockey played between Adelaide and Grange Royals on Friday evening 8th June  at 6.30pm.  Adelaide held on to win.
Ryan Edge made a welcome return to Adelaide scoring 2 goals. Unfortunately he suffered a knee injury towards the end of the game. He is representing South Australia in the U21 National Mens Championship in Hobart next month so we wish him well.
Daniel Cox returned two weeks ago after having a similar injury.
The game was played on a cold winters night under artificial lighting. I shoot shutter priority 1/500  1600/3200 ASA producing grainy color images with varying contrast and shading. Post editing produces some reasonable action shots. The location of a second goal net behind the baseline was a distraction causing some of my photographs of shots on goal to be offset.
There are serious action photographs but I also look for the quirky and amusing.
How did Huey get two feet into one shoe? There are shadow monkeys playing and Ryan Edge's unfortunate crash landing, look out for Charles behind the pack too.
Two images  corrupted in downloading have been left posted for interest. They are ying and yang and remind me of the old wire service. The images have been reloaded at the bottom.

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