Saturday, May 26, 2012

Premier League Mens Hockey Port Adelaide 6 Adelaide 3

Congratulations to Port Adelaide Hockey Club for the wonderful carnival atmosphere they created at their club day on Saturday 26 May 2012 for the Premier League clash between the traditional rivals Adelaide and Port Adelaide.
The junior level hockey game played between senior games, the honor guard they provided for the teams as they entered the pitch, the technical bench support including the announcements for goal scorers, the balloons and bubbles, supporters and the exhilarating hockey played, made for a memorable day.
Port Adelaide Premier League Men were the winner on the day.
Apologies for not capturing more of the carnival atmosphere but I do need to be aware of my role as Team Manager. As a dispensation I have posted the first photo, of a bubble that got caught up in the action. Did it burst upon the scene??
There was plenty of willingness displayed on both sides as evidenced by the bodies thrown at the ball.
The ball? or the bubble??

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