Tuesday, June 25, 2019

F1GP - Montreal Canada 2019

F1GP - Montreal Canada 2019

Saturday June 8 - Practice and qualifying

Huey, Pil and me attended the Saturday
practice and qualifying round of the
General Admission provided some good
vantage points around the track.
'The Beach' provided large screen coverage
from deck chairs with nice surrounds.
The chicane gave views through the bends.
The F1GP is the spectacle, the colour, the noise.
The cars flash past.
Fast panning and fast shutter speeds provided
memories of the event albeit glimpsed through 
the wire safety fences.
Our Aussie hero Daniel Ricciardo finished 6th
and his team mate 7th in the Sunday main event,
viewed from lounge chairs in our Bnb. 
A great result for Renault.
Thanks to Pil and Huey for the drinks and platters
we enjoyed, watching the race.
We had shared their company over the last 3 weeks 
in delightful Chelsea  and bade them farewell the 
following day as we continued our journey
on to Quebec City.
©billpurvis 2019

The Beach

Yep, that's where we are -  'The Beach' - from the air.

Daniel Ricciardo's helmet - colour shades left and right.

Aussie hero Daniel Ricciardo - Renault

He's got a big one.

Photo bomb.

Daniel Ricciardo - Aussie hero

Daniel Ricciardo - Aussie hero.

Daniel Ricciardo - Aussie hero - qualifies.

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