Saturday, June 29, 2019

Canada Album - Chelsea - Quebec - Ottawa: May - June 2019

Glenda and I stayed with Huey and Pil in Chelsea
for 3 weeks.
A random posting more to be added.
Huey & Pils Chelsea
Ski slopes next door

Tulips Ottawa

Wakefield Mill - Wakefield

The Parliamentary buildings in Ottawa are beautiful

Outside the National Art Gallery Ottawa

Wildlife Park - Parc Omega

Everywhere has something big. - Just a little photoshop.

Spittoo - not another carrot!!

Wakefield - Visitor Centre





Military history Museum Ottawa

The language of signs


Le Hibou (The Owl) Wakefield - great food.

Parliamentary Building Ottawa

Changing of the Guard - Ottawa

Carbide Wilson Ruins - spectacular 

The track to Carbide Wilson Ruins

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