Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hobart - April - 2018

A week in Hobart from April 7 -14.

We stayed in a loft AirBnb with views across Bellerive Yacht Club.

A diver prepares to descend at the Brooke Street Pier.

The Gif is compiled of 134 still frames.
The frames may take time to load.
Each frame was originally a 12mgb image.
The camera was hand held for the duration and shot
through the mesh of a fence.
The original posting has been titled and edited to adjust the timing
and draw out the content of a few frames.

Charles Darwin Walk - along the shores of Kangaroo Bay - Bellerive

Compare this with the early Beattie print below.
19C Beattie Print 

inspired by Uwe Bedenbecker - 'Dialectics of Nature'

The Fort

The front garden of the AirBnb

Over the rooftop from our loft - AirBnb

Mount Pleasant Radio Observatory - Cambridge -  20kms east of Hobart

The wonderful colours of the vineyard
French Provincial restaurant

Picture window view from loft - AirBnb

Boarding the ferry to Bruny Island

 Bruny Island Views

Waiting for the cheese platter

worth waiting for!

Hotel Bruny

A dam with a view

When the dam is full it will provide an infinity pool view from the cottage currently being restored behind.

Dog & bone
The previous property owner shot the wallabies that came onto the property and left the carcasses
in a creek bed. No shortage of bones for poochy.

A bit windy. At the ferry terminal waiting to return.

Self portrait

A 2 car collision in the city of Hobart caused a bottle neck for kms and hours.
This view to Bellerive - our AirBnb - across the waters to
the Bellerive Yacht Club in Kangaroo Bay.  

The snaking traffic can be seen below.

The marina from our AirBnb

Mawson Huts Replica Museum - Hobart

This little fellow migrated from the museum display onto the back of my hand.
Translucent wings with arty face design.


In Mawsons Hut - I have a copy of the book
'Photography For Novices - The Primus Handbook', publ:1902

The Windeward Bound
The Windeward Bound SS

Aurora Australis
Australia's Antartic Ship Aurora Australis

The image of the sailing ship below is from a glass plate negative held in my collection.
A friend identified it, subject to confirmation, as the May Queen, and the Port as Hobart.
The May Queen is an historic sailing ship currently moored at the wharf in Hobart as the photos

from the glass plate negative

Historic information plaque alongside the wharf in Hobert

The May Queen SV

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