Friday, March 31, 2017

Obahn Busway Underpass Construction Hackney Road - Grenfell Street, Adelaide Update 3 - 1 April 2017

Below is the link to my previous blog entries:
Previous Blog entries:

An engineer I stopped to talk to on my previous expedition
advised me the tunnel roof would be laid the weekend of
1st/2nd April from 7am.
I arrived about 8am to find the crane preparing for the
first delivery of a concrete slab.
This is a series of images of the laying of the first and second slabs covering
the tunnel adjacent to the National Wine Centre at the intersection
of North Terrace and Hackney Road.
Apparently warnings of traffic delays were broadcast widely.
Traffic flows on both roads were constricted.

The Gif was constructed of passing cyclists as the first slab was
being lifted off to place over the tunnel.

Updated photos taken 6 April 2017

Looking north down Hackney Road.

Doesn't look like too much to show for the laying of the slabs but others are placed ready to position.
Looking south down Dequetteville Terrace. The continuation of Hackney Road.


  1. Nice work Bill. Lovely to see captured the things we miss in daily life.

  2. Amazing Bill! Lot's of hard work here.