Monday, March 27, 2017

Obahn Busway Underpass Construction Hackney Road - Grenfell Street, Adelaide

The Adelaide Obahn Busway is one of only a few in the world, and
the longest.
An underpass is under construction and due to be commissioned
later this year.
It will reduce traffic volume and delays by diverting the
Obahn Bus System off of Hackney Road and North Terrace
through the underpass, under the intersection, and entering
Grenfell Street through the exit at east Terrace.
I first suggested a tunnel through the parklands in a letter
to the editor some 10/15 years ago.
I have been following the construction with interest.

A teaser - how many people are there working on the apartment block? Is the fire engine moving too fast relatively?

A Fire Engine crosses Hackney Road at North Terrace intersection.

The Entrance/Exit towards the eastern foothills from Grenfell Street
East Terrace T junction.

Terrainisaurus Digger
(that's why it is in a cage)
in the background Tandanya Aboriginal Cultural Art Gallery

Still photographs.

The Entrance/Exit - how will the landscaping play out?


What to wear.

I'm on this side

Now I'm on the other side.


Tunnel entrance/exit.

Height limit 4 metres.

Selling the message

A look down Hackney Road - tunnel construction in progress.

Soon to be covered

Tex takes a bus. Adelaide Crows captain advertising AFL App.

The OBahn bus on the road will soon be in the Tunnel.

Roadside detritus

Hackney Road/North Tce intersection

Is that a Riley? I have been advised it is a Citroen Type 7A.

These views are from my previous foray in July 2016.
There has been a significant change.

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