Monday, June 22, 2015

PREMIER LEAGUE MEN'S HOCKEY Adelaide HC 4 Forestville HC 3 played Saturday 20 June 2015

The game was played at 4pm at Adelaide's home ground Pea Park.
Adelaide needed to win the game to keep its season alive.
For Adelaide, field goals were scored by Nick Lee and Hugh Purvis.
Nick Lee had an opportunity to score a second goal which
was saved by the keeper. Shaun Dawson and Daniel  Cox scored off
short corner penalties.
Adelaide captain, Hugh Purvis, deftly worked the ball from about the 25 yard line
through a wall of Forestville  players and lifted it in for a classic goal.
I missed getting the photo my vision was obscured by the wall of players.
It was a good win for Adelaide against good opposition.

Yep!.......that's the shot I missed. Huey Purvis  goal.


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