Saturday, June 6, 2015

A photographer's wish

Last week I posted my photographs of the Premier League Men's Hockey
game with a byline:
"A photographers wish:
To be remembered for my photographs rather than my words."
A touch ironic as this weekend I will be remembered for my words!
While I appreciate my photo was used on the front cover
the minimum I require as the photographer  who created the image is:
1. I have given permission to use the image
2. I am credited as the photographer.

The cover image for which I would liked to have been remembered.

A copy of the magazine can be downloaded here:
The photograph was first published here:
on my blog posted 7 October 2014:
I am posting this blog for the record.

and.......congratulations to Melody Cooper on her re-appointment as co-coach of the
SA Hotshots AHL men's hockey team.

and if you happen to be in New York:
Exhibitions: Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History 1843 to the Present 
An exhibition of Sports Photography:
'the exhibition demonstrates, the finest sports photographers, their skills honed from years of practice, are capable of capturing a fleeting moment and making it memorable, often from a surprising or revealing point of view.'

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