Thursday, October 9, 2014

AHL - Day 4 - SA Hotshots 4 v NT Stingers 5 - Wednesday 8 October 2014

A gallant save by Hotshots Daniel Cox.

AHL - Day 4 - SA Hotshots 4 v NT Stingers 5 played Wednesday 8 October 2014
The SA Hotshots were attempting to emulate the game against the
QLD Blades in which they came back from 3 down to level the score.
But it was not to be, although a gallant attempt.
The comeback for the Hotshots began about 4 minutes into the last quarter
with a goal to take the score to 2 - 4 but the Stingers made it difficult taking
the score to 2 - 5 with just 3 minutes remaining of the game.
The Hotshots managed to score 2 more goals but were beaten by the clock to
go down 4 - 5. The early relentless pace of the NT Stingers sealed their win.
The Hotshots failed to score off a penalty stroke and the Stingers were denied a goal
with a magnificently brave save by Daniel Cox.

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