Wednesday, October 8, 2014

AHL - DAY 3 - SA Hotshots 3 v QLD Blades 3 played Tuesday 7 October 2014

The SA Hotshots were 3 down at the 3/4 break and managed to finish
with a draw after a sensational goal (pictured) pulled out of the air by Alastair Oliver.
Matt Claxton had contributed to reducing the deficit by replicating the goal
of Marcus Child the previous day. Glyn Tamlin started the clawback with
his goal (pictured). Text&Images©billpurvis

SA Hotshots coach and former International NZ Blacksticks Melody Cooper

Glyn Tamlin goal sequence ( 1 of 2))

(2 of 2)

Alastair Oliver goal sequence (1 of 7)

Post game - looking a little exhausted. The games have been played at a cracking pace.

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