Monday, March 12, 2012

Fifth Palmer Sculpture Biennial, 11-25 March, 2012, Palmer, South Australia

Fifth Palmer Sculpture Biennial, 11-25 March, 2012, Palmer, South Australia

Glenda and I attended the opening by Graeme Willkie, Director, Qdos Arts, Lorne, and Vice President, Lorne Sculpture 2012, on Sunday 11 March at 11.00am.
The sculpture park is in country South Australia 70kms from Adelaide and is the creation of Greg Johns. The exhibition is a collective of recognised and emerging artists.
A walk up a steep path was required to arrive at 'the hut' where the opening was held and refreshments served.
It is then quite a trek to view the works laid out to take advantage of the site over the natural terrain.
The works attempt to connect with the spirituality of the place and the past indigenous inhabitants.
A fuller appreciation of the place and the works would be experienced with the changing light, time of day and passing seasons.
My photographs attempt to capture some elements of the scale of the works and the landscape and the spiritual connection to the place.

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