Friday, January 26, 2018

Obahn Busway Adelaide Tunnel Entrances Saturday 27 January 2018

A warm 36C in Adelaide today.
My knees were aching for a bike ride.
I cycled in to take some photographs of the new
$160M  Obahn Busway Tunnel opened on
Monday 11 December 2017.

Buses entering and exiting the Tunnel at the Grenfell Street/East Tce feeder intersection.

The exit from the city along Hackney Road opposite the National Wine Centre and Botanical Gardens.
Goodman Administration Building adjacent to the Old Tram Barn
Goodman Administration Building - Old Tram Barn located Hackney Road

Hackney Road Tunnel Exit/Entrance opposite Goodman Administration Building and the National Wine Centre

Tunnel Entrance/Exit towards Grenfell Street feeder lanes.

from Grenfell Street towards Tunnel Entrance/Exit

Feeding into Grenfell Street after exiting the Tunnel.

The Tunnel Project

Entering the Tunnel after exiting Grenfell Street. The Obahn is a guided busway. The rails are shown in the foreground on either side of each lane.