Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Envy - glass artist - Glenda Kent - pate de verre

My first Polaroid Spectra SE photo
with Impossible Spectra Color Instant Film.
A F112 close-up lens and camera flash were used.
A posting to Facebook - the link is below - describes the process.
Impossible Instant Film Project

Edited in Photoshop

An issue I noticed.
The camera is not aware that the close-up lens has been attached.
Therefore it does not know that the focus distance is 10 inches.
This results in a 'too close' indicator.
I took the photograph regardless expecting the image may have been blown out by the flash.
This seems not to have happened.
There is no information regarding this in my instruction booklets.
Perhaps it is on an elusive LE (Law Enforcment) kit VHS.

A timely magazine article:
How Polaroid seduced the world

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