Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Watsons Bay - NSW - Sydney - Australia - The Pooch Poseur - Art Photography - Gif - Bondi: Sculpture by the sea.

Watsons Bay - NSW - Sydney - Australia - The Pooch Poseur - Art Photography - Gif
'It's All About Me' - Dog Poser - 'I am a star' - woof woof - a star is born -'Its me!, Its Me!, Not Them.'  It's OK Pooch, I got YOU.
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A link to:
Bondi: Sculpture by the sea.

Found Art 1

Found Art 2

Sculptured by nature

Taking in the view

Flotsam or jetsam?

Styled by Dupain?

A break in the waves.

Pending Tasmania

Found Art 3

Bondi Pug.
The following views are from and around our AirBnb location at Bondi, from the bus
between Watsons Bay and Bondi, and general Sydney, Darling Harbour, Darlinghurst, Watsons Bay, and Bondi views.
Our AirBnb accomodation

View from balcony of AirBnb

Darlinghurst? Street view

Darling Harbour

Walkway reflection, Darling Harbour.

Museum of Contemporary Art - 1/3 of 1 second of time.

Either the shared stairs or the inclinator to access the AirBnb.

Our AirBnb accomodation is structured into and around this stone face.

Stylish architecture.

Glenda changing shoes for her Sculpture Award presentation at Woollahra.

Hotel - Watsons Bay

Lighthouse - from bus

Counting the skinks, sighted 5 at one time, sunning, while waiting for the 389 bus on Murriverie Road.

A long black at Bondi Beach.


  1. Stunning. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wow - and now some have been destroyed by a high tide and 2 - 3 metre waves.