Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Precise Moment - Sports Action Photograph

The Precise Moment -  Sports Action Photograph

OK so I did not get too many good action shots from
the game Metro 1 Men semi-final.
The score: Adelaide 1 Adelaide University 2
BUT I did get one extraordinary shot.
With good fortune I was positioned in the grandstand
producing a good angle.
I love lobbed balls and follow through because there is
always the potential for a good action shot of the receiver.
This was the case where the receiver made an extraordinary effort to
intercept a high lobbed ball.
I took two shots, the first,  a preliminary step,
the second, the outstretched leaping intercept.
Surprisingly with the intercept the ball was kept in play,
even tho it was close to the sideline.
A great effort, producing a great photograph.

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