Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Zealand 2015 - Greytown - Martinborough - Lake Ferry - Ngawi village - Cape Palliser

Greytown -  grey in name but not in charm.
(The grey backdrop gave highlight to the colour and character.)
There is 'The Hill' to conquer  with ice and snow but on this occasion
it was an easy and a pleasant short trip from Wellington to Greytown.
The accommodation at Greytown  was at the 'Turkey Red', a boutique
old style country hotel. Marilla was our avant-garde host dressed
in her colorful woolies to keep out the cold.
We were the only guests mid-week apparently the hotel is a weekend
jaunt away from the city. The meals were scrumptious and Marilla
filled us in on the details of her menu prepared on the advice of her
Sydney based son, a chef at some fine establishment.
The hotel rooms have been individually decorated and have great views
across the town.
We took Marilla's advice and a day trip through Martinborough, another
charming village, to Lake Ferry and on to Cape Palliser.
The coast has experienced some rough weather with roads undergoing repair.
New Zealand generally is the land of slips, slumps and slides from constant
erosion due to natures forces. ©billpurvis


another room


 Lake Ferry and surrounds


 to Cape Palliser Lighthouse

 Ngawi Village


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