Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lakes Entrance, Dandenong and Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.


Good old Jetstar an offer too good to refuse.
Glenda on the alert as always, secured $1 airfares
to Melbourne and return for us both, total $4.
I had always wanted to visit Lakes Entrance in SE Victoria.
A hire car was booked months in advance, fortunately.
Melbourne was abuzz with the Avalon Air Show.
She also craftily secured an astounding, as we later realised,
deal on 3 nights accommodation at the 'Bellevue on the Lakes Motel'.

A special 'Thank You ' to Joy, John and Dougy with whom we stayed at LangWarrin.
We enjoyed delightful meals, hands of 500, glasses of wine and a guided tour of the
Mornington Peninsula in the company of great friends.

The first four animations take a little while to load and then play at
0.2 - 0.5 seconds per frame.

And now the photos:

Peels Cruises offer a great value cruise departing Lakes Entrance arriving 1 hour later at Metung. There is a choice of mains and sweets from the Hotel menu included in the cost of $55.00 per person. After a leisurely 2 hours spent in Metung we re-boarded for a continuation of our cruise of the lakes system. The cruise departed at 11.45am and returned at 4.30pm.
Metung resident - a real softie.

Dearly departed

No not you Glenda - above.

Re-boarding, after lunch and leisurely strolls.

A large cruiser full of gawking tourists taking in the view up your private? canal.

I got a fish

Book in advance. A great place to enjoy lovely food.

 AirBnb - Emerald 

A great value stay with a delightful host.

Willam Ricketts Sanctuary - Dandenong

Melbourne from Mount Dandenong
 AirBnb Emerald

Point Nepean Quarantine Station


For fumigating luggage.

The township of Flinders

Towards Phillip Island

Merrick Beach


Thats it!


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