Monday, June 16, 2014

More hockey action - Premier League Men Adelaide 5 North East 3 Saturday 14 June 2014

Adelaide Hockey club - the home of Hockeyroos players, Georgie Parker
and Karri McMahon,
silver medallists at the Hockey World Cup
Cant get enough hockey after the Hockey World Cup?
If I havent posted on my blog it will be on Adelaide Hockey Club's
facebook page.
The game was played at Adelaide's home ground Pea Park in the Adelaide
South Parklands on Saturday 14 June at 3.30pm.
There were occasional rain showers.
There is always a hint of humor in my photographs.
I took over 1200 frames. If I saw the action then I didnt capture it so its always
fun to see what I have taken.....and there is always plenty of action with players
literally jumping into the frame. Hockey is an exciting game
Adelaide had a 3 - 0 lead which North East (Zulus) clawed back to equalise before
another 2 Adelaide goals sealed the victory for the home side.

Melody Cooper former NZ 'Black Sticks' does a great job of coaching the Adelaide boys.

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