Monday, December 31, 2012

Blue Lake, Black Prince cicadas, Beachport, Robe, The Coorong

The cacophony of sound of the Black Prince cicadas singing was worth the 
trip from Adelaide to Mount Gambier a distance of 450 or so kilometres.
We saw and heard them on the edges of the famous Crater Lakes. 
The Blue Lake is an enigma. The Leg of Mutton Lake is green.
We stayed at Mount Gambier for two nights catching up with old friends 
from Melbourne staying locally with family. A convenient half way point. 
Many enjoyable hands of 500 were played over a few bottles of wine and delicious 
meals shared.
Dougy, the dog,  delighted in getting involved in the exercise routine.
We returned home via the coast road staying overnite at Beachport.
The coastal towns of Beachport and Robe are frenetic over the Christmas/New Year.
An intended stay on the Coorong was curtailed because of the strong cold wind.
Our second expedition in the campervan was enjoyable and notes made of ways
to add refinements for a longer journey in June/July.

Birds - Blue Lake

Blue Lake

Leg Of Mutton Lake

Black Prince Cicada

Road detritus

Garden of Remembrance Mount Gambier

Theatre Mount Gambier

Cave Garden Mount Gambier

Street corner Mount Gambier




The Magpie enjoying the view provides one for me.


Not a Mr Whippy icecream cone

Looking pleased with herself, she suggested the photo above.

Robe marina

The inveterate Tiger Moth
Long Point - The Coorong

It must be cold and windy the pelicans have hunkered down.

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