Saturday, July 14, 2012

Touring Queensland with JUCY

Glenda and I were fortunate to enjoy the use of a campervan for 2 weeks courtesy of a competition sponsored by Jucy.
The prize also included vouchers from Tongarra Sailing Adventures, Rush Surf,  Cairns 'Ocean Freedom' Cruise and Fraser Island self drive 4WD.
The generous Rush vouchers were appreciated by all the family with purchases of clothes, shoes and watches and a carry bag. Sandra and Tara, at 'Rush' in Cairns were very friendly and helpful offering suggestions on sizes and selections and we appreciated their assistance.   Tongarra graciously suggested the sailing adventure was more suited to 18 - 30 year old and allowed us to pass the voucher on to Brad via Gumtree which covered some of the fuel cost and overnight park fees.
The cruise to the Barrier Reef on 'Ocean Freedom' and snorkel dive was fantastic.
The friendly relaxed crew were incredibly professional. They provided training and gear for snorkel and scuba diving and accompanied divers. They served delicious pastries on arrival on board followed by a selection of meat, seafood and salads for lunch, cheese and biscuits and a selection of cakes were served on the return trip. They then washed up the dishes for upwards of 70 guests.
We took possession of the Jucy 'El Grande' camper-van on arrival in Cairns from Adelaide.
Our first call was to Rush to obtain clothing etc for the Ocean Freedom cruise the next day.
After the cruise we travelled to Mission Beach for a prearranged meeting with Vanessa, Geoff and Jimmy who had travelled all the way from Broome in Western Australia in 7 days to catch up with us.
They have over 5 months been touring with 4WD and caravan around the coast of West Australia and across to the east coast. We also visited friends Sue and Bill who endured the brunt of Cyclone Yasi.
After a very enjoyable and relaxing 3 days with Vanessa and Geoff we parted company to continue our Jucy adventure.
Some of the places we visited were: Bowen, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Seventeen Seventy, Maryborough, Rainbow Beach and finally Runaway Bay where we parked in our friends drive for 3 days before I returned home to Adelaide and Glenda flew direct to Hobart where our son Hugh is playing for South Australia in the U21 Mens National Hockey Championship.
The underwater photographs were taken on Fujifilm Marine FujiColor Quicksnap disposable camera on Superia 800 ASA film 1/125 shutter speed. The day was grey so the colors did not present as they would on a sunny day. There was also a current and framing was a bit hit and miss but for a first effort the results are ok.

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