Monday, April 30, 2012

Trench Warfare - Adelaide v Forestville Premier League Hockey

One would expect during the week of Anzac commemorations some metaphorical references as homage to the brave members of the armed forces who have served our country.
The early evening game between Adelaide and Forestville played at State Hockey Centre on Saturday 28 April did indeed at times resemble battles fought from the trenches.
The image shows the courage and determination of the players at all levels, including ground.
Adelaide had an early advantage,  a very disciplined Forestville team drew level 3-3 at half time and won 5-3.
3 games played at Premier League level within the week may have taken its toll on Adelaide players who nonetheless went into the game with a win in mind.

A report of all matches played  over Anzac is available at: SA Premier League Hockey Update – Tuesday 1st May
Note: While Im happy for my match summary and photo to have been used I have not been credited as the photographer. This photograph was taken at 1/500 ASA3200 under lights and required work as most photographs do before being published. I spend hours producing photographs for publishing by accredited users and posting to my blog so it is reasonable to expect, as the author of the work, I be credited.

Adelaide players L to R rear, Pat Capon, Ben Angley, Ben Shinkfield and goalie Brad Sofia. Forestville striker and Captain Geoff Mills who scored 4 of their 5 goals.

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