Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ned & Betty - a toy story

Strange but True??

Could my fascination with Ned have something to do with my having had
a fractured neck or have I been re-incarnated from a name sake who suffered
the same fate as Ned - well almost - read-on:
to ensure the whole truth is revealed follow the prompt to part 2.

The coincidences are compounded by the fact I titled my print entered into
the 'collective' exhibition at PCP,  'whacked'. My google search under 'whacked Purvis'
revealed the story of will purvis. Strange but True!!

Entry Tuesday 16 October 2012
Well Ive re-edited again for the nth time did I get it write??
Anyway here's the link to the book preview:

For some reason a preview of my book is no longer available.
I am attempting to rectify this.
Please see the e-book link below.

You may also like to view my animation here:

Its also been republished as an e-book.

More on Ned Kelly can be found here:
'Ned Kelly: The outlaw who divides a nation'

A page has been left in my book for inclusion of a ltd edn 5" X 7" photograph of Ned
suspended at the end of a rope.
This re-enactment was an attempt to 'give life' to the death mask taken from Ned after
his hanging.
The likeness of his death mask was sculptured by me in plasticene from various death
mask images viewed online.
A very reasonable likeness too. Click the link below for a comparison:
Ned Kelly death mask.
The photograph was taken on Ilford FP4 ASA125 120 negative b&w roll film
exposed for 4 minutes at f180 using my self constructed pinhole camera.
A bit macabre but also about same the time it would have taken Ned to die from hanging.
The image has a feeling of life-likeness transcending death giving rise to his spirit.
Through play I have resurrected Ned.
©bill purvis 2012

The original photograph posted to my blog on 11 November 2011.

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